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Welcome to Archive AI

We help AI by verifying data collected in our Archives

We are an AI refinement platform that collects and improves responses generated by Artificial Intelligence using a opensource consensus model .
How does Archive AI Work?

Let's look at how the validation process works with Archive AI...

1. Validators login to our portal backend

Our secure portal allows validators to login and get access to our decentralized application.

2. Validators can choose from the data to rectify

Variety of both validated and unvalidated is available to the validators.

3. Corrected data is pushed to our Archives

Once the validator has rectified the data, it is sent back to the archives and updated.


Archive AI for Business

With ArcAI, businesses can quickly and easily build AI-powered applications tailored to their specific goals. We offer access to a library of pre-trained models that can be used as the foundation for new applications, these models are validated for misinformation. Perfect for AI Automation Agencies

Ask AI a Question

This can be done through our Telegram bot, partner bots or the ChatGPT window on our v2 App.


If the answer is wrong, our validators will validate the AI entry based on research based documents.

Search Validated Answer in Archive

Once the answer has been corrected by our Validators they will earn a reward thanks to our Validator Program.

Use Cases of Archive AI

At Archive AI, we’re committed to exploring the many ways in which AI can improve our future. While we’ve already made significant strides in a variety of areas, we know that there are countless other use cases waiting to be discovered as we continue to build and innovate.

Smarter AI

Through ongoing feedback and validation, we help our AI become smarter and more precise, delivering insights that are both reliable and relevant to AI users.

AI Behavior Management

Our human validators work around the clock to monitor and identify any potential flaws in AI behavior, including signs of hostility or false intentions.

Tailored AI for Partners

Archive AI can help organizations tailor their data archives to meet their specific needs and goals, providing greater flexibility and control over their AI initiatives.

Fully Up-to-date

By harnessing the power of human validation, we ensure that AI data remains up-to-date and accurate with the latest trends using human validators all year round.


Archive AI has a total tax of 3%/3% on buys and sells. Archive AI was fair launched in December 2022, we do not have any team tokens or pre-filled wallets. 

1% Marketing

We collect tax to fund marketing activities, such as promotions, listings, and influencer partnerships.

1% Validator Rewards

Our sustainable model ensures that validators are motivated by the rewards they receive for their work.

1% Development

We collect this tax to support the smooth operation and development of Archive AI.

0% Transfer

We do not charge any taxes on the transfer of ARCAI tokens.

Would you like to become a validator and contribute to better AI?

Join us on our mission to create a smarter and more intelligent AI for the future, and earn rewards for your valuable contributions along the way.

Logo (White)
At Archive AI, we strongly believe that great things are not achieved alone, but through the collaboration of great communities who share a common vision and work together to achieve their goals and become successful. We would be thrilled if you joined our community!
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